Monday, November 22, 2010

The Coolest Adobe Photoshop Effect 2010 Tutorials for AP CS 3, 4, and 5

Inilah Tutorial Pembuatan Efek Photoshop Paling Keren. Untuk versi Adobe Photoshop yang digunakan bisa Adobe Photoshop CS 3, CS 4 dan CS 5.
Tutorial : Stop Haunt Me Every Day [ SHMED ]

Step 1
In Photoshop, open girl_portrait. jpg from the right (or the cover CD on the magazine). Create a new adjustment layer, and select the Levels (Cmd/ Ctrl + L). Set the Output Level white to 130.

Step 2
Open neon lines_1.jpg, and use the Hue/ Saturation controls to make it black and white. Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select one of the lines.

Step 3
Using the Move tool (V), drag this selection to girl_portrait.jpg. Change the blending options to Screen. Transform the layer using Cmd/Ctrl + T, and start to rotate it. Right-click (Cmd + click) to choose the Warp tool.
Step 4
Now you’ll see a six-section grid section on the layer, which allows you to move every section or every point. Let’s move it so it matches the one seen here. Click Enter when done, and add a layer mask onto the layer. Start brushing the layer mask, by using black to erase. For a smooth effect, try setting the Brush Opacity to 10 per cent.

Step 5
Duplicate the latest layer by hitting Alt+Cmd/Ctrl+J. Start painting the layer mask by using black to erase, again setting the brush opacity very low. Select both layers and merge them (Cmd/Ctrl+E); don’t be surprised by the black areas. Change the blending options to Linear Dodge and repeat this until the girl is entirely outlined.

Step 6
Still using the same selection from neon lines_1.jpg, start warping again, using this image as an example, using the warping position to trace the detail on the ear. Duplicate this layer, place the shading of the ear and start warping again.

Step 7
Now for the hair. Import the selection from neon lines_1.jpg again, change the blending options to Screen and try warping it so that it looks like the above right image. Use the Eraser tool to take out any unwanted lines. Duplicate the layer – we’ll still need this layer for another part of the hair. Start warping around this layer to fill in the hair. 

Step 8
Open neon lines_2.jpg and make a new selection (see Step 02) to fill the body section. Don’t forget to set the blending option to Screen, and start warping again around this layer. On this layer, add a layer mask to erase unwanted sections of the image.

Step 9
Duplicate the layer (Cmd/Ctrl + J) and start warping once again. Repeat this process until the black areas have been reduced. Select the layer on the body section and merge the layers. Layer mask to erase unwanted sections, and set the layer’s opacity to 70 per cent.

 Step 10
Let’s fill in the face. Return to neon lines_2.jpg and make a different selection. Copy this into the main image over the face and start warping again, starting around the nose. Duplicate the layer, move it to the side slightly and continue warping. Merge the layers.

Step 11
Now it’s time to start adding colour. Merge all of the warp layers together (not forgetting to set the blend mode to Screen). Add an adjustment layer, selecting Gradient. Let’s set the gradient from dark blue to bright blue, set Style to Linear and Angle to 180°. Make another Adjustment Gradient, this time merging from medium green to bright green.

Step 12
Customize the colour by making individual adjustment curves. Adjust the Red, Green and Blue channels individually, rather than adjusting the RGB marker.

Step 13
To create the particle effect, make a selection from neon lines_2.jpg and start warping outside the figure. Open neon lines_3.jpg and make a selection; place this over the girl’s hand. I also added some particle effects on the final images, on a new layer, using the Brush tool. Set the brush’s Tip Shape, check the Shape Dynamics and set the Size Jitter to 100 per cent. Check the Scattering, and set Scatter to 1,000 per cent. Now start brushing the layer in smooth lines, varying the size of the brush. When you’ve finished brushing, add a mask to erase unwanted particles.

The Final Result


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